"I should really be sleeping"
— what I say to myself when it’s 5am and I have a class by 8:30
Media Monitor No. 8

Talk of elections in our country has always brought about its usual game of word tennis, volleying allegations from one side to the other. In the midst of these conflicts, it is important for the media to air all sides objectively.

An article by Rappler is a good example of honest and fair gathering of information. The article’s headline read:

Mrs Binay’s royal taste? ‘Kew Gardens,’ aircon piggery

The article talked about former Makati vice mayor Ernesto Mercado’s detailed view of the Binay’s estate in Batangas. First of all, they identified the source of the information and made sure the source was credible. The second thing I would like to commend in this article is the way sought out the camp of Binay to give them the opportunity to respond. They made sure to place their response in the same article, and gave each side equal placement in the article. They did a good job of presenting the volleying of discourse from one camp to the other.

The thing I am weary about in this article is the headline. I don’t think it does a good job being a headline in the sense that it does not inform much. It’s hard to make sense of the headline on its own. 

In totality, this article is a good way to wrap up the whole Senate probe on the alleged corruption of the Makati government by airing all sides to the conflict.




Benedict Cumberbatch and tumblr text posts part 2, [part 1]

omg no my ass post

I’m sorry I use this gif so much but seriously it’s the only thing able to properly describe my emotions..

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my head is throbbing

i need sleep 

but i can’t sleep



I am much too drained to do anything but type words that are hardly elaborate enough to explain the complexity of what I’m feeling.

Nobody talks like this. 
They don’t.

But I hide myself in long words and formalities and line after line after line of gibberish to distract them from seeing the ghosts of the inside.

There is nothing.

I am being drained, one letter after the other. As seconds tick by, so does my strength leave my body. There is nothing left.

I am tired, so tired. I do not even know what to think or what to say or how to move on with life any longer.

Oh, what a bliss sleep would be. If only to escape into fantasy and rid myself of the reality’s tragedy. If only…

Media Monitor no. 7

This is an example of a poorly written news article.

The article’s headline read:

Duterte wants Cha-Cha for federalism

And below is the news lead of the article:

CEBU - Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte visited Cebu on Monday as part of his campaign to push for a change in the present system of government from unitary to federal.

We must bear in mind that as journalists, it is our responsibility to be arbiters of truth. Therefore, we must present information accurately, at all times. The following headline calls for further elaboration but the news lead and the rest of the article proved to be lacking. There were not enough sources to prove that fact. They only based the news on one source and what’s worse is that the source wasn’t even clarified. There is lack of information, and whatever facts they placed here are too vague to be comprehensible.

The rest of the article read:

Duterte believes that a federal form of government will make the delivery of basic services faster.

His call for charter change is supported by the Federalist Party of Central Visayas.

Despite calls for him to run for president in the upcoming 2016 elections, Duterte insists he will not be seeking higher office in government.

My opinion is that if you’re going to write up an article regarding any topic at all. It is not enough that you write it in simple, objective sentences. Details are important to prove the accuracy of information.

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1. I often get mistaken for being in my mid-20s when I’m only just 18 years old. Something in my tone and “aura”, I guess.

2. My favourite place in the world is the sea. The waves, the sky, the breeze calms me.

3. I love the sound of thunder. It reminds me of drum symphonies.

4. I’m a musician at heart. I play the bass and the guitar. I know a little of keyboard. I write songs and stories and stuff. I’ll always be an artist.

5. This is my first time to get tagged in anything. Please tag me more. Hahaha.

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Chapter 15


You make every chapter worth every second of the excruciating wait.

Thank you.



"The art of denial is silence. Saying it out loud makes it true."
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